Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bloem Show winners

Here is the full list of all the winners of the quilts entered for the Bloem Show.

1.      Mari Strydom –               Most outstanding article –               Mrs H Odendaal trophee
2.      Karin de Villiers –            Best traditional quilt –                     Iessie Steenberg trophee
3.      Estelle Calitz –                 Best quilted article –                       Oranje Quilters trophee
4.      Iessie Steenberg –           Special Price Judges choice
5.      Iessie Steenberg –           Best free motion quilted article         Raadzaal Carpet House trophee
6.      Martie Botha –                Best innovative quilt –                     Mariëtte Venter trophee
7.      Iessie Steenberg –           Most points –                                 Anita Kleynhans trophee

Traditional Quilts

LARGE:                          Martie Botha                                     First place                                         
                                        Mariëtte Venter                                Second place
MEDIUM:                       Karin de Villiers                                First place
                                        Karin de Villiers                                Second place
SMALL:                          Christa Gouws                                  First place

Innovative Quilts

               LARGE:                       Karin de Villiers                                First place
                                                   Elize Grobbelaar                               Third place

MEDIUM:                       Elsa de Wet                                       First place
                                        Mariëtte Venter                                 Second place
                                        Lenie Lourens                                   Third place

SMALL:                          Martie Botha                                    First place

Machine pieced and machine quilted                       

LARGE:                                Iessie Steenberg                              First place

Hand appliquéd, machine pieced and machine quilted       

LARGE:                                Elize Grobbelaar                              Third place

MEDIUM:                            Magriet Bester                                 First place
                                             Karin de Villiers                               Second place
                                             Elize Grobbelaar                              Third place

Machine appliquéd, pieced and quilted

LARGE:                                Anita Kleynhans                               First place
                                             Karien du Plessis                              Second place
                                             Elbe Herbst                                      Third place

MEDIUM:                           Iessie Steenberg                                 First place

SMALL:                               Mari Strydom                                   Second place

Hand appliquéd, machine pieced and hand quilted                             

               LARGE:                                Estelle Calitz                                     First place

               SMALL:                                Gerda Breytenbach                         Second place

               Quilt totally done by hand

               MEDIUM:                           Gerda Breytenbach                         First place

               LARGE:                                Cristel Myburgh                               Second place
                                                            Anina Louw                                     Third place
               MEDIUM:                            Marietjie Prinsloo                            First place
                                                           Wilna Geel                                        Second place

               Useable article (not a bed quilt)                 
                                                            Iessie Steenberg                              First place
               Group quilts       
               LARGE:                                Frances van der Walt                      First place
               MEDIUM:                           Iessie Steenberg                              First place
                                                            Magriet Bester                                 Second place
                                                            Madeleine Coetzee                         Third place
               Art quilts
               MEDIUM:                           Mari Strydom                                   First place
                                                            Delmarie Groenewald                    Second place
                                                            Mariëtte Venter                Third place
               SMALL:                                Mari Strydom                                   First place
                                                            Mari Strydom                                   Second place
                                                            Magriet Bester                                 Third place

Congratulations to you all, keep up the good work!!

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