Friday, August 31, 2012

Future quilters

One of the teachers at Eunice High School - the location for our 17th National Quilt Festival - contacted Iessie (coordinator of the festival) to say that she'll be teaching the girls at the school to quilt so they too can participate in the festival being held at their school.  How neat is that?

Here teacher, Marthie de Wet, (second from left) can be seen with some of her students.  I am sure they are going to love this new hobby and we'd love to have you at the festival girls.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Washcloth Toiletry Travel Wrap

When I saw this tutorial by Jo-Anna from the site A Pretty Life in the Suburbs I couldn't help wondering why we sometimes make it so hard on ourselves wanting to cut, sew, hem or bind a complete project while all around us affordable substitutes can be found to make life so much easier.

An ordinary washcloth (already hemmed) folded, a couple of stitches and tie to fasten it and we're done!  To read and see how Jo-Anna did this, click HERE.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sandwiching a quilt

Nancy's Notions just uploaded a video on sandwiching a quilt and I always like to take a look at different ways to do the same thing.  In the video Nancy shows 3 different ways and although I am familiar with 2, the third, using paper backed fusible web was rather new to me.

I guess one will then have to either use a cotton or wool batting and not the polyester blends mostly available over here.  Take a look at this video to see what I am rambling on about.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonky Log Cabin tutorial

When Karin and I spent a quilting weekend in June together she made wonky log cabin blocks.  However when we get together it always turns into a massive eating, drinking and chatting contest and I never paid attention to how she made these or I could simply showed you her step by step progress.

Fear not with people like Theresa from the blog My Patchwork making time to put together tutorials for our enjoyment.

To see how Theresa went about to make these; simply click HERE for this colorful tutorial.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt Tutorial

I am so glad I stumbled upon Rachel's blog, Scrapendipity Designs, for if I didn't I would not have found this lovely tutorial for a Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt.  I think we all have plenty of scraps from which we can choose to make this.

Now go take a look at the way this tutorial was written and you have to agree, it couldn't have been made easier.  Find the tutorial over HERE.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I dearly apologize

In my post over HERE I made a terrible mistake in that I gave the wrong person credit for winning the challenge for the third term.  I am TERRIBLY SORRY.

Sonja Greyling all the way from Kimberley luckily reads our blog and realized that she worked so hard and I never even credited her.  Sonja, congratulations and again my sincerest apologies.  Sonja then also sent me a much nicer picture of her winning challenge quilt for all of us to take a good look at.

I too would be upset if I made something this special and the stupid blog writer got her facts wrong!!

Basic Bargello Quilt Pattern

Rose Smith from Ludlow Quilts has a lovely tutorial for a Bargello quilt.  If you always wanted to make a Bargello but didn't quite know where to start, this is the perfect Bargello to begin with.

Rose offers a written tutorial over HERE or you can see how it is done on this video.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Third quarterly meeting - The challenge

At our National Quilt Day at the Freshfordhouse Museum on 24 March we all got a free 'Welcome' pattern designed by Mari Strydom and seeing that a demonstration on how to complete the quilt was given on the day, this was set as our challenge for the third term.

This is what Mari's example looked like.

I am glad to report that a couple of ladies took on this challenge and how interesting to see how a different color can almost totally change the look of the exact same pattern.  Here a couple of entries can be seen.

Again the attendees on the meeting could vote for their favorite and the winner of this term's challenge was none other than the winner of the second most votes for Show and Tell, Anina Louw SONJA GREYLING from Kimberley, with her version of this quilt. (My apologies for this terrible mistake Sonja!!)

So for the last term ladies the challenge is Scherenscnitte or then paper cutting but we won't be using paper but fabric.  I can't wait to see what will be on show!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Third quarterly meeting - Show and Tell

Even if we don't have many quilts on display at a meeting, there will always be one or two that becomes a conversation topic which proves sometimes less is more.  This term the following quilts were on display for Show and Tell.

Then the viewers get to vote for their favorite at the meeting and this time the winner was Lenie Lourens with this lovely pink flannel backed floral quilt.  Congratulations Lenie!!

The quilt with the second most votes was made by Anina Louw.  Pretty hey?

Now is the time to finish up those UFO's so you too can show a quilt at our next quarterly meeting.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Third quarterly meeting - Food and Vendors

We had our third meeting for this year on Thursday, 16 August 2012, and as always I'd like to thank the hosts for this meeting for making us feel welcome and handing out little gifts by the door.  Sonja, our treasurer, is always on her post making sure the correct monies come in, handing out receipts and still has time to smile and have a quick chit-chat.

This term we've been served with Chicken a la King, rice, salad and coffee/tea.  Thank you so much to all the ladies who did the cooking but gosh was it hard going home and pretend to be interested in making dinner for the family?!

Then what would a meeting be without our trusted vendors having travelled (some from very far), had to pack, unpack, sort and sell just to start all over again?  We thank you for your effort, willingness to attend our meetings and hard work.

This term we also had two new vendors, one being Lappieshuis, a local quilt shop and then visiting us for the first time the men from OLFA who had so much wisdom about their products to share.  Scissors that never need sharpening, blades that won't get blunt from cutting paper, too much to mention!?  To read all about their complete product list visit: and get your local supplier to order you the right tool.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kamers vol Geskenke in Bloemfontein

I received several e-mails from quilters regarding this event and I have copied and pasted the e-mail just as I received it which unfortunately for our international readers is in Afrikaans..... but then again, a local event so I doubt if you would be able to make it :-)

Ons kla altyd al die nice goed gebeur in die Kaap en Gauteng... MAAR nou kom Kamersvol geskenke BLOEMFONTEIN toe! As jy nie weet van Kamers nie, gaan kyk gerus op hulle website - hulle vier hierdie jaar 10 jaar in die Kaap, is nou 2 jaar in Pretoria en kom binnekort met al hulle Kaapse mooigoed Bloemfontein toe! Party Vrystaters ken hulle al van die Kaap en Pretoria af en nou is hulle op ons voorstoep!

Versprei asseblief die nuus so wyd en ver as moontlik, maak almal bymekaar en gaan beleef die fees van kreatiwiteit en vreugde! En dit is nie net vir die dames nie... daar is iets vir almal in die gesin - ook wyn, lekker koffie en heerlike eetgoed vir die manne en speelgoed vir die kinders...

Date:  5 - 8 September
Place:  Woodlands Conference Centre
Bookings:  Computicket

’n Keuse van die heel beste, oorspronklike ontwerpe en produkte – onder meer juweliers­ware, kosprodukte, keramiek, dekor, tuinbenodighede en ontwerpersklere – sal daagliks beskikaar wees vanaf 8:30 tot 17:00. Op die Vrydag word die plesier van KAMERS by elke geleentheid verleng na 20:00. 

Die KAMERS-span is bekend vir hulle werwing van die innoverendste produkte en talent in die land en hul vars uitkyk vir nuwe idees. KAMERS het oor die afgelope jare gegroei tot ’n belangrike platform vir unieke produkte wat nie maklik elders te vind is nie. Tydloosheid, uniekheid, uitnemendheid en plaaslike vervaardiging is alles konsepte wat sinoniem is met die produkte wat by KAMERS te vind is.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Diamond quilt tutorial

Leila from the blog Sewn was so kind to share this tutorial with us.

Leila is from the United States and just like all of us loves fabric.  To see the tutorial, click HERE.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sewing Machine Needle Organizer

O my word I do get excited when I find a blog with not one but heaps of tutorials and this just happened when I found Vicky's blog over HERE.

Now having to choose one tutorial to share was really hard so don't be too surprised if I share more of these in future but for today I'd like you to take a look at this neat Sewing Machine Needle Organizer.

Vicky offers a free PDF pattern on how to make this on THIS page but do yourself a favor and check out all her other tutorials.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grocery bag stuff sack

We are all trying to live as green as possible and reusing plastic shopping bags are a good beginning but where to keep these seem to be a problem for some.

On the Sew, Mama, Sew site Erin shares a tutorial for a fast and easy stuff sack that can be made just for this purpose.  Keep one in the car and another in the pantry to keep all those plastic bags intact and ready for reuse.

To see how this is done, click HERE.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Win one of two porcelain dolls

The Kwetter Quilter group will be selling tickets for a lucky draw at R10,00 each and you stand a chance of winning one of 2 porcelain dolls.

Tickets can be bought from your own group leader and the draw will take place at the fourth quarterly meeting.  There will be a first and second prize.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Quarterly meeting reminder

Our third quarterly meeting will take place this Thursday:

16 August 2012
Altona Crescent

Remember to bring along your "Welcome" challenge quilt.

Tickets for the exhibition by the Lappoppe group from Bultfontein will be available for sale at R15,00 each.  More information available HERE.

The Kwetter Quilters will be selling tickets for a lucky draw to stand a chance to win one of 2 porcelain dolls at R10,00 per ticket.  I will show you photos of these two tomorrow.

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