Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freestyle / Art quilt course by Katherine Harmer Fox

Date:  19 - 21 November 2012
Venue:  Sewing Lab, CUT
Cost:  R250,00 per day
Snacks:  R30,00 per day

The following was taken directly from the e-mail sent by Katherine.

This is a one or three day workshop that I have developed, to illustrate and share the different techniques that I use in my own artwork.
The one day workshop is very process driven, focusing on learning the techniques and how to incorporate them into an art work.
The three day workshop focuses more upon the actual work that the student is producing and how the different techniques can enhance that work.
After one day, the student will walk away with a head-full of new methods and techniques and a sampler that could turn into an art work.
After three days, the student walks away with a head-full of new methods and techniques as well as either a finished art work or one that is well on the road to completion.

The student does not have to be an artist to benefit from this workshop. He/she could be a quilter or a seamstress, a fashion designer or a wedding dress maker. A person who has only sewn the hem of a curtain or two or a person who knows how to construct a tailored jacket. Although the ability to draw, will benefit any and all disciplines, (it is always a plus to be able to make an idea concrete), it is certainly not a necessity for this workshop. All that is required of potential students is that they have basic sewing skills and a desire to learn, coupled with an even greater willingness to play.

The only requirements that the sewing machine needs for fibre art, is that it be able to do both straight and zigzag stitch and the ability for the feed dogs to be disengaged, (either by means of a little covering plate that is applied over the throat plate or a switch which when activated, drops the teeth completely).

I have created a fibre book, "The Story of a Pig", each page of which serves to illustrate the different techniques that I teach in this workshop. I have attached photographs of a couple of the pages herewith.

Methods and techniques
  • free motion machine embroidery
  • fibre embedment
  • appliqué and reverse appliqué
  • cord making
  • spider-webbing and ragged lace making
  • the value of constructive criticism
Equipment needed:
  • sewing machine (must be able to disengage feed dogs)
  • a darning or embroidery foot
  • an ordinary sewing foot
  • sewing paraphernalia - scissors, pins, etc.
  • a pack of denim/jeans needles
Materials needed:
  • scraps and offcuts of various fabrics in different colours, patterns and textures
  • a collection of papers and fibres, (ripple card, used tea bags, orange and onion sacks, the inside, silver lining of long-life milk cartons, the foil covering from coffee cans, brown paper packets, an empty potato bag, etc.)
  • a collection of ordinary sewing threads in a variety of colours
  • snippets of wool, string, braiding or what-have-you
  • anything that the needle of the sewing machine can punch through
Source of inspiration:
  • this could be a photograph, or a child's drawing; a handful of leaves or a bundle of driftwood; the skeleton of a lizard or the lizard itself; a single flower or an old lock; the list is endless.
  • anything that inspires the student and gets his/her creative juices flowing
  • they can come with a fully fledged concept or just the inkling of an idea
  • whatever interests and engages the student
For bookings and any other information, please contact:
Frances van Schalkwyk @ 072 216 8015

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