Monday, February 4, 2013

Road map to Eunice

Let no-one ever say the coordinator of the 17th National Quilt Festival, Iessie Steenberg, doesn't think of everything and what not!  The woman just never stops (that includes talking and quilting.)!!

Here I get a map showing the road from the N1 to Eunice School - now be forewarned, I usually try to make sense of everything sent to me to be published on the blog but a sense of direction has never been my strong point.  In fact, my DH says (to anyone who want to listen) that just because I found the shopping mall today, does not necessarily mean I will find it again tomorrow. So does this map makes sense?  I'm sure it does but I will most probably still get lost!

Now if this picture is way too small to your liking, please click HERE to print or download this map.

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