Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why register for the 17th National Quilt Festival in Bloemfontein

Many people ask this question as they feel they only want to come for a quick visit or do a workshop.  If you booked a workshop, you will have to register.

Your registration fee of R130,00 includes a goodie bag (valued at much more) and will allow you access to all areas during the festival.  Should you not register you will have to pay an entrance fee of R50,00 for every visit.

Now to those people, who have never been to a festival, don’t fool yourself by thinking you only plan to come for a quick look.  In the end you get mesmerized by the quilts on display and before you know it your ‘quick’ visit is over and you haven’t even been to the vendors.

Another trip, another day, another entrance fee to see what the vendors have on offer and believe me there is always a bargain or two.  So you shop and realize you've depleted your shopping budget and needs to get permission for the money-maker at home, so off you go again.

With permission to spend more granted, you’ll have to return once again, another trip and another entrance fee.  So these 3 trips, and it is well worth coming every day as there is just too much to take in on one day only, already add up to more than the registration fee.

So don’t wait for only the bargains you might find at the vendors but start saving now by registering and know you can come and go as you please and not miss out on a single thing.
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