Guild projects

Guild challenge for 2016 -

Ended November 2016

(Oranje Quilters` Guild 2015 - 2016  " Row- by- Row" - quilt.)

The winners of the above challenge...

1st Place - Wina Geel  - Congratulations!!!

2nd Place - Marianne le Roux - Congratulations!!!

...the rest of the entries:

Iessie Steenberg

Lenie Lourens

Ria Labuschagne

Frances  vd  Walt 


6 August 2016

Community Project - Young, upcoming quilters....

Iessie Steenberg, Chairlady of the OQG 2016, organized a quilt class for some young teenagers. Each teenager had a quilter to guide and helped her finishing her own bag.

The group of young quilters and their mentors.

...busy stitching.

...cupcakes! Yummy!!!

...almost done.

...the proud young ladies, each with their finished handbag ( and their mentor)!!!

2015 - 2016

Oranje Quilters` Guild 2015 " Row- by- Row" - quilt.
(Also the Guild challenge for 2016)

The following groups each contributed a block:



Kwetter Kwilters







1. Use your own colour scheme.

2. Block size: 51/2" x 51/2" - including 1/4" seem allowance.

sashing between rows - 2" - including 1/4" seem allowance or your preference.

3. Border - 31/2" or your preference.

Quilting - Stitch in the ditch/free motion or by hand. Enhance with embroidery stitches. There are no rules - use your imagination.

4. Use as many blocks/rows as you prefer.


1. Oranje Quilters`Guild logo - variation of a Twin/Texas star.

2. 3 D - folding.

3. Harts - applique or crazy patch.

4. variation of a "cross".

5. diagonal square with applique rose/pansy.

5. Log cabin.

7. "rouche" work/ alternative block: applique motif of a sewing machine.

8. patch with applique star.

9. diagonal block with applique owl.


Patterns to follow.

PDF Pattern - "Rytjies Kwilt" -
Click on the following link:

*this is only a graphic example.