Thursday, June 28, 2012

Festival News - Making rosettes

Yes, I have a little to tell about the 17th National Quilt Festival in Bloemfontein from 1 to 7 July 2013.  Just because I write the blog does unfortunately not mean I am let in on all the secrets and should I by accident hear something that I should not, I am warned in a severely stern voice that "it is NOT for the blog!."

Occasionally however one of the higher forces sends me a photo with permission to use on the blog and I am just as charmed as the rest of you to see that everything is still moving along smoothly.  Those of you who have been involved in organizing a festival would know it is really hard work and plenty of planning but the nice part of the people in our guild is that we have so many helping hands and nobody has to work their fingers to the bone.

Look at this group of lovely ladies who participated in making rosettes for the winning quilts (or then the makers of the quilts) for the festival.

Now if you could hear Iessie, our festival organizer, you would hear words such as "amazing, I had such a great time, I learnt so many new things, Mariëtte (Venter) is such a good teacher" - so from what I gather they not only worked hard but had fun doing it too.  Thank you so much ladies!

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