Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Dog beds

Annelize Keeve donated dog beds by OQG members to the local SPCA who were extremely glad to receive it.  Quilters put all their scrap pieces in a pillowcase and when full, stitch it close turning it into a comfortable, soft bed. 

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Last General Meeting of 2023

The last General Meeting for 2023 of the Oranje Quilters Guild was held on the 28th of October and in allegiance to the Springbok's who were to play the All Blacks in the final later that evening for the Webb Ellis Trophy, the decor was done in our national colors, the Green and Gold.

The meeting was opened by Irene Reynhardt of the Uile group who hosted the meeting.

Present was 100 or so teddy bears which were done as an Outreach for Life Rosepark Hospital under the leadership of Iessie Steenberg.

The bears were accepted by Juliana Hamlett of the hospital who explained that the bears would be handed out to patients in hospital on Christmas Day as well as the staff working on that day.

Alaé Grabe of Quilt in Clarens kicked of the demonstrations by demonstrating a very nifty technique showing all present how to achieve perfect round edges using vilene.

She also demonstrated how to build a background using 9 pieces of fabric and the Stack and Wack technique.

Then the Uile group demonstrated different applique techniques.  Sonja Stroebel started the demonstration with her December mini quilt.

Annelize Keéve continued explaining the applique paper technique she used creating little woman blocks.

Sujanie van der Spoel explained the needle turning technique with detailed instructions on how to create perfect points.

There were beautiful quilts on display made by members of the OQG.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

General Meeting 19 August

The General Meeting of 19 August was held solely as a sign of Oranje Quilters Guild's deep gratitude and appreciation of teacher, quilter, friend Iessie Steenberg who is a pillar of strength for our Guild, always willing to do a demo or class and even chaired the OQG more than once.  All the quilts shown in the photo's below, are Iessie's handiwork which adorns her house.

Iessie was born and bred in Namibia near Gharib (known for its herds of wild horses).  She attended primary school on Karasburg and went to secondary school Martin Oosthuizen on Kakamas in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

Her love for fabric started in her childhood years when she would immensely enjoy playing with it.  Designing quilting patterns in later years as did the presenting of quilt classes offered her the wonderful opportunity to live her dream of being creative and was a natural extension of her passion.

Studying Junior Primary Education in Bloemfontein, she met husband, Stoney.  They are the proud parents of daughters Lia who is living in Nelspruit with her husband and two sons, Joshua and Jaden and Andra who is teaching in China.  Living in Wisconsin, USA in 1999 gave her quilting live a boost.  Iessie obtained her honors degree in 2010 in Fashion and Clothing at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein where she also taught from 2000 until 2019.

Although Iessie's first love is traditional quilting, and she is comfortable teaching the basic techniques, she also enjoys the challenge of combining different techniques and even enjoys an art quilt from time to time.  Iessie hosted four of the OQG's eight quilt groups on a monthly basis at her home as well as quilt classes from time to time.  Her teaching philosophy is firstly to try and finish a quilt and secondly as neat as possible which seamlessly ties in with her life philosophy which is "Live a legacy to leave a legacy".  An unfinished quilt would definitely not accomplish the latter.

During 2020 with the Covid pandemic, Iessie started classes and courses via her cellphone using the WhatsApp platform.  She provides a free group named Iessie@telekwilt as well as paid classes.  She also gave crochet classes for the past seven years, but although the free WhatsApp group Iessie@telehekel is still in use, formal classes stopped in 2022.  She now periodically shares free crochet patterns only.

These two passions of her gave her the opportunity to work with a lot of women from all walks of life across all boundaries, a precious gift she knows are lend to her by her Heavenly Father.  This is the reason she is closely involved with various Outreach programs, either organizing some or just acting as a liaison person between the ladies and the organization in need.


To accommodate this, Iessie have dedicated groups on her phone for either quilting or crochet Outreach.  As women countrywide learn about this, they contact her from far and wide to join the groups which are for some heaven sent.  Many of them are strangers brought together by a common thread, the desire to live productive lives even in their latter and sometimes lonely years.

"We quilters really wants to leave behind a beautiful green footprint when it is our time to leave this life.  Above all we strive to make a difference in people's lives even if we have only fabric to patch the holes in other people's lifeboats."

The General Meeting of 19 August

Guests and members were welcomed at the door with a small token of appreciation

as well as free quilting magazines.

Inside, the tables were laden with wonderful and exquisitely prepared food by the members
served with coffee and tea.

The ladies busy hanging Iessie's quilts

Iessie Steenberg left and fellow quilter Marietjie.

Chairperson Christa Gouws opened the meeting

and Nelia Venter introduced Iessie.

The audience was as always utterly captivated by Iessie.

Iessie taking the ladies through her quilting years.

Chairperson Christa Gouws thanked Iessie for her presentation with a lovely Cala lily plant.

And then it was stitching time with some fun workshops under the guidance and watchful eye of Iessie.

Beautiful envelopes were stitched by some ladies.

Other preferred to stich bags.

And this concluded another successful general meeting.
Thanks to all the hard work and organization of the Quiltmakers group.

The OQG management would hereby like to extend their heartfelt thanks for all the hours of her life that Iessie chose to spend towards the management of the OQG as chairperson more than once, organizing the Bloemshow as well as the Travelling Exhibition annually not to mention all the workshops, demonstrations and classes Iessie was always prepared to offer the OQG.  Thanks for never holding back your knowledge, for your dedication to the OQG as well as every quilter that crossed your path. 

As you now transition into another phase of your life with hopefully a little more "me" time, may it be blessed years for you and your family.  May you tick off a few more quilts on your bucket list which has been on the backburner.  You leave a legacy which will always be OQG's Iessie Steenberg, the one and only. 

We would like to speak Aaron's benediction over you:

Numbers 6:24 - 26

May the Lord bless you and protect you, sustain you and guard you.
May the Lord make His face shine upon you with favor,
and be gracious to you, surrounding you with loving kindness.
May the Lord lift up His face upon you with divine approval,
and give you peace, a tranquil heart and life.

And He will bless you.

Dog beds

Annelize Keeve donated dog beds by OQG members to the local SPCA who were extremely glad to receive it.  Quilters put all their scrap pieces...