Thursday, January 30, 2020

First General Meeting of 2020

As it is the final of our "Kwiltedoor" competition, the meeting starts at 10h00 and not the usual 09h00.

 Do come early and support the vendors.

Click here for a map of the area.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Important dates for 2020

Bookmark these dates for 2020:

22 February 2020 - General Meeting
(hosted by Needles and Pins)

4 April 2020 - National Quilt Day

18 April 2020 - General Meeting 
(hosted by the Uile)

24 April to 2 May 2020 - Bloemshow

16 June 2020 - Youth Quilt Day

30 June to 3 July 2020 - Quilt in Clarens

22 August 2020 - General Meeting 
(hosted by Sterre and Langenhovenparkies)

17 September 2020 - Patchjol (Smithfield)

31 October 2020 - General Meeting 
(hosted by Rotary Cutters and Gouedrade)

21 November 2020 - Fun stitch day

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Final General Meeting of 2019 - 3: Kwiltedoor

After the conclusion of the General Meeting, it was time for the next round of Kwiltedoor.

The previous round's blocks.

The remaining 6 teams in no particular order were

The Quiltmakers from left to right:  Nici Smit, Margaret Jordaan and Petro Swart
Stukkies:  Johanna Engelbrecht, Charlotte Naudé, 
(Anne-Marie Wessels - our local Elna dealer) and Ina Beukes
The Langenhovenparkies:  Flolinda Marais, Lulu Koster and Ritha Swanepoel
Sterre:  Gerda Cronje-Vermeulen, Petro van der Merwe and Marietjie Thomas 
with Alison van der Walt looking on.
Gouedrade:  Petro van der Merwe, Louisa Basson and Rientjie du Plessis

The Rotary Cutters:  Magda du Plessis, Marietjie van Rensburg and Rika van der Merwe

With instructions in hand by Marianne le Roux

and supplies handed out by Nelia Venter, 

it was time to put the thinking caps on and start planning and stitching.

After the allocated 3 hours, these 6 beautiful blocks were ready for judging.




Rotary Cutters


Whilst Mariëtte Venter were busy judging,

the contestants were treated to some more exotic prizes.

The last order of business for the day was to announce the 2 Groups going forward in the competition....

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Final General Meeting of 2019 -2 (held on the 9th of November)

As always with the last meeting of the year, there were plenty of absolutely beautiful quilts on display.

For more versions of this Mystery Quilt, read this post.

For more info on this technique (shadow trapunto), visit this webpage.

For more versions of this pattern, read this post.

Traditional double wedding ring

Non-traditional with the wedding rings being the light colour.

This beautiful Baltimore Quilt of Flolinda Marais was voted Viewers Choice.

In the next instalment - the 3rd round of Kwiltedoor.

First General Meeting of 2020

As it is the final of our "Kwiltedoor" competition, the meeting starts at 10h00 and not the usual 09h00.  Do come early and ...