Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scherenschnitte - Challenge for the fourth term

=This post is for members of the Oranje Quilter's Guild only=

Did you too say ‘WTH’ when you read or heard about this or was it only ignorant old me?  I’ve never even heard the word, let alone partake in a quilt challenge and here I thought I was ‘Mrs Know-it-all’!

Trust Google to the rescue – by the way ‘how did people get along before the internet?’  So to first find out exactly what this is, read this article HERE.

A tiny light went on but I wanted to see more and I found this video tutorial.

This however looked impossible on fabric, so I searched for something slightly easier.  I found THIS site with lots of templates but I wouldn’t say it looked any easier and I wondered whether I would know which part to cut and which to leave.

When I however got to THIS article and again read about doilies and snowflakes, it took me back to primary school and I remembered the paper square we used to fold in half and in half again and then snip out half shapes on all the folded sides to see what interesting shape we’d get once done and we opened these up.  So there you go, Scherenschnitte is nothing other than paper cutting!

Now for those of you who plan to make something more intricate take a look at the Scherenschnitte gallery by Karin Dickel-Jonasch over HERE.

Okay to sum it up Scherenschnitte dates back to the 1500’s and if you draw a pattern you have to do it in such a way that the finished cutting is still in one piece (think quilt stencils).  The cut out parts usually represent the shadows/ silhouette of the picture.

So after spending almost an hour on the internet researching this and not being able to draw anything I’ve come to the conclusion that if I participate, mine will be snowflakes.  What are you up to?

O dear, maybe I shouldn’t participate, my first cut-out didn’t even resemble a snowflake!!

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