Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

Before I greet you, to take somewhat of a break from writing our blog and obviously to rest a little.  I'd like to leave you with something to think about for the new year.

Now you might know I do love to free-motion.  I would much rather skip the piecing process if I can only get to do the free-motion work.

Sewcalgal has a free-motion challenge starting in 2012 and in block of the month style, it promises to teach you to do this.

You can pledge to participate in this, see how your fellow participants are doing, post photos or just do it to improve your own skills.

To read more or to take the pledge, click HERE

May you have a blessed festive season and the New Year one to remember for years to come.  I should be back posting mid January 2012.

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