Friday, March 23, 2012

Are you taking copyright seriously?

I often warn beginner quilters of 'stealing' even though we don't generally think when we ask/get a copy of a pattern or class notes from a friend that we are actually stealing.  The sad part is that we're stealing from a fellow quilter.  Now we all know a rumor of someone somewhere being sued for copyright violations but if it doesn't touch base, none of our concerns.

What we as quilters might not realize is that these laws stretch far beyond our imagination and I hope you'd take the time to read this post by Emily Cier.  She published a book, using a certain line of fabric and then the designer thought it was not on and now claims thousands in royalties.

So next time you buy/accept a copy of anything or teach from notes you got from another class, ask yourself whether this pattern is really worth being sued over and yes, another thing we'll have to start considering is selling completed projects made from copyrighted fabric.

I am in no way, fashion or form suggesting Emily Cier is guilty of anything but this just made me realize how what we think is approved and legal, might be seen totally differently by someone else.

It all goes deeper than we think, so start with yourself and play safe.

To read this post, click HERE.

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