Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Non quilting achievements by quilters

Iessie was so kind to take photos of other handmade items submitted for the Bloem Show by fellow members of our guild.  Thanks for these Iessie and to the participants - where the heck do you find time?

Calista von Wielich (our youngest member) entered this doll in the Hobbies category.

A doily made by Estie Maartens

Ceramic mosaic by Petro van der Merwe

Annelize Naude claimed a couple of winning prizes with her teddy bears

Amanda Palvie's stunning entry for embroidery

Linda Landman and her winners in the weave and spin category

To any other member of our guild who have entered but whose photo does not appear here, we dearly apologize.  With the crowds pushing from behind it is not always possible to stop and stare for as long as one would like to and it is highly likely that someone might have been overlooked.

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