Friday, July 27, 2012

Hobby X Bloemfontein

I went to check out the very first Hobby X held in our city at the beautiful Sand du Plessis theater and although still small at least a beginning.  So let's all go there and support the vendors; we would like them to make this an annual event don't we?

I was unfortunately not allowed to take any photos but quilters have contacts and other quilters are kind, so the only quilt booth we had this year allowed me to take a photo of their booth.  Nobody attacked me but I guess the organizers weren't around.

Thanks Cotton Tale Fabrics for visiting us and I supported them for their trouble, so I do hope other members of our guild will too.

Then Iessie, Marianne and Nelia were the ladies hanging quilts in the foyer to make it more attractive and Iessie sent me a couple of pictures of the quilts on display.  A big thank you to these 3 ladies who just always seem to be everywhere and do everything.

I also need to thank the ladies on white glove duty for giving up their time and taking care of the quilts on display.  We do appreciate this.  And now I'm off to the International Quilt Convention.  Lovely weekend to you all

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