Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Final quarterly meeting - Part 1

I deliberately choose to split the meeting posts into parts; if I don't it would be one massive extremely photo rich post.  So for those who doesn't like this, my sincerest apologies but I am keeping it this way.

This meeting was hosted by the Needles and Pins and how can I not mention the group with the most quilts entered at this years' Bloem Show (it was brought under our attention SEVERAL times) and as with the show, they did not disappoint.

We've been sent e-mails to ask if we would dress in blue and white and upon arrival it soon became clear why.

Even at the entrance where we paid R30 for a kit to participate in a secret workshop, the ticket with your table and seat number was blue as well.  Here Iessie (festival coordinator) is selling tickets.

My ticket at table 3, seat number 3 and what do you know, 33 - my exact age! (wishful thinking).


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