Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kathryn Harmer-Fox textile artist

Our guild had the good fortune to have Kathryn Harmer-Fox teach her textile class to some of our guild members and from the replies I received to tell me how they experienced the class, it seems everyone had a ball.
To some it was a totally new experience breaking away from the traditional and as Marietjie described it, she became almost reckless in discovering different ways of freedom to reach her end goal.  Marianne said that this was the course she enjoyed the most of all the courses she did in the past.  But on a more authoritative note, let me share with you what was published in the CUT Newsletter about Kathryn.

Kathryn Harmer Fox
Marizaane van Rensburg

I recently had the privilege of meeting the artist Kathryn Harmer Fox. What an inspirational women with an enthusiasm to share her knowledge with all. She presented a workshop to 14 of our Fashion lecturers in Fibre Art and the results within only 3 days were staggering!

After 12 years of working odd jobs and being an artist on the side, Kathryn settled down with her husband on a golf estate 20km outside East London where she now works full-time as an artist.

Kathryn believes artists are glorified problem solvers who, during their creative process in changing and combining objects, transform it into a beautiful piece of art. She finds her inspiration from all aspects of life as well as magazines, galleries, Street Art and Mr Google. Her preferred mediums are clay and mixed mediums like drift wood, canvas, sewing thread, pieces of cloth, wool, paint and even metals. She uses the sewing machine as an oversized pencil to create.

She is very passionate about non-prejudice and fresh thinking and believes that everything is an adventure and all must be investigated in order to create and grow.

It was truly an honour to meet Kathryn and we hope to see more of her.

Looking at these photos the ladies each had their own work of art to take away from the class.

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