Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our last quarterly meeting for 2013

We had our last meeting for the year on Saturday, 9 November 2013 and it was sadly time to greet our previous chairperson who ran our guild for a full term of 3 years to lead us to and through our very first National Quilt Festival.  

Thank you Marianne and I, for one, will remember you as the one chairperson who could do a meeting fast, effective and to the point to allow us to get to shop, stare at the beautiful quilts and enjoy all the eats and treats the hosting groups had on offer.  You will be missed.

Marianne then introduced our newly elected chairperson, Frances van der Walt, and in our guild she needs absolutely no introduction as this lady has been tying loose ends together for as long as I can remember since hearing her name for the first time.

Frances we welcome you along with your new secretary, Christa Gouws and treasurer, Riana Nel, in the high chair and trust you will guide and lead as you already know how to. To all group leaders and members of the new committee please note that Frances will be holding her first planning meeting on 29 November 2013.  This lady is sure to start her term as chairperson on well oiled wheels.

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