Friday, June 3, 2016

"Uitreik"/ Out Reach 2016

The winner of the lucky draw for the quilt donated by the "KWETTER KWILTERS"  is Mike Groenewald. Congratulations!!!

The "Kwetter Kwilters" with the quilt they made and donated. Thank you, Kwetters!!!

Top left - Lenie Lourens ( Kwetter Kwilters) and Marike vd Merwe
Corner right - Lenie Lourens, Fabrice Rebouilat  (received on behalf of Mike Groenewald the quilt from Lenie Lourens) Marike vd Merwe. 

The money collected,  was contributed towards a fund  for  Gert vd Merwe. He was stung by a swarm of bees and left disabled. He needs care 24/7. His mom,  Marike vd Merwe is a member of the Oranje Quilters`Guild and she currently takes care of him.

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