Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coming soon….. Our very first blog give-away

Now don’t say I didn’t warn you okay?  I received a lovely gift as a blog give-away for any person BELONGING TO OUR GUILD who leaves a comment on the particular give-away post.
So guild members start practicing this NOW. 

If I can make a suggestion to make it easier on you:

Step 1 would be to get a Gmail account.  This is a FREE e-mail address from Google, for anyone with access to the internet.

Simply type Gmail on Google and have a couple of possibilities for your new free e-mail account ready i.e.
Your full name and surname OR your initials and surname….. You would be surprised how many other people have exactly your name and surname.

Even if you already have an e-mail account from your service provider, having a Gmail account makes leaving a comment much easier as blogger, Google and Gmail are all linked.

Once you are on the Gmail site, just follow the instructions and remember your password and obviously e-mail address.

If you have this, try leaving a comment on any of our current blog posts.  Don’t worry, I have to moderate all comments before it is being published, so if you only type something like ‘test’ or ‘I’m trying to do this’, I won’t publish this and will be informed by e-mail of your comment and I will let you know if it worked.  So this meaning, you won’t immediately see your own comment as it has to be moderated first.

So group leaders, who read this, let your group members know about this give-away and let’s see if we can have lots of members leaving comments and start feeling comfortable doing this.


  1. This is a must do...really something to think about of cutting up some blocks he?

  2. LOL This is a bit like extracting teeth, methinks!


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