Monday, September 26, 2011

A new guild blog!!

The Tollgate Quilters from Durban has started their own blog now too.  Welcome to blog world you guys and we look forward to reading all your news.

Now unlike us, we only have me as the ‘blog babbler’, they have different authors to their posts, each with her own interests and things that make her get excited and she wants to share with us.  So different authors, different opinions and tastes – don’t you just love this?

So if the Tollgate quilters don’t mind me ‘copying’ their idea, I would like to throw this out to our guild members….. help me write the blog.  Most of us spend x amount of time on the internet at some stage and find something we like.  Write about it, keep the link, copy the picture and help me keep our blog fresh and interesting.

I must admit I often feel for those quilters who do not like me or my writing style but still prefer to be kept updated by the blog, they simply HAVE to deal with me.  Let’s make our blog a communal one and all participate. 

Want to see what the Tollgate Quilters’ blog look like, click HERE and read it all.

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