Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big quilt of Nature BOM

So are you up for some German lessons in the New Year?  I found this paper piecing BOM with the first 6" Swan block ready for download as a PDF document over HERE
Now don't you fret about the German, if you can paper piece you just need to be able to read numbers and you can do it!  Alas if you really need to read; Google will kindly offer to translate the page at the top of your search for you.  I have to warn you.... these translations can sometimes be absolutely hilarious and as I type this, I've asked for the translation and this is what I got.  I warned you though.....

“All blocks are 6 x 6 inches tall. Some are also embroidered. 
The patterns are very demanding. They contain many small parts and is 
unfortunately often thick seam allowances that must be overcome.

A little tip for those who still have little experience in sewing on paper: 
The blocks can naturally be increased from the copier or printer, it must 
then Mark the seam allowances only the new.”

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  1. Your comment about thick seam allowances refers.

    Look seriously at the thread you are using. If its anything less than a 60 weight (thicker) then you really need to find another suitable thread.

    It's amazing how much space a thick thread will take up in multiple seams set very close together.


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