Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Create your own blog

Apart from writing the guild's blog I have also been writing my own blog since 2006 and I know there are a couple of quilters out there that think I am very clever.  Sorry to disappoint you people, I am as dumb as they come.... therefore I want to challenge all our guild members and blog readers to CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG.  If you have a computer, photo device and the internet, the rest is FREE.

Why would you want a blog?  Different reasons for different people.  When I started my blog it was purely to keep track of which quilt I finished when; instead of keeping a written journal and having to have photos developed to paste.  The wonderful part of having a blog is that your photos will NEVER get lost, stolen, burnt, fade or get misplaced.  Even if your own computer shuts down completely, your photos, blog stories and whatever else you added to it, will still be safe on the world wide web.

Then I got another use for my blog.  If I told someone about a quilt I made and I wanted them to see it, I could simply refer them to my blog.  When I started the Dear Jane quilt, I did the journal that came along with the CD as I completed a block and in the journal you are asked to write a short paragraph about a current event in your life.  I love going back to this journal to read my own stories.  There were times that I've been in the highest heaven and times when I would be down and out and I love to now see how the world didn't come crushing down on me when I thought it would.  It is basically reliving your own memories.

People (quilters) who would like to advertise their classes or shops will have a different use for the blog and it doesn't necessarily have to be a blog about quilting.  You can write about your family events, making it easier for family abroad to just log in and stay updated on what you've been up to or post your favorite recipes, so'll you'll never lose them again.  Your blog can be as public or private as you prefer it to be.  If you don't want anyone to read it, well then just don't share your blog address with anyone.  You can write your blog in the language of your choice and about whatever topic/s you fancy.

The bottom line is "if I can do it, so can you" and all the answers you need is on Google.  The biggest secret we 'older people' (over 21 that is) need to remember is that nothing will go wrong, the web, internet, blog, page won't disappear and you have to be extremely clever to delete everything from your computer, so KEEP CALM, TAKE YOUR TIME and my son's favorite abbreviation when helping me...... RTFS (read the flippen screen).  Okay I put that much kinder but you get my drift.

I'll give you an example on just how stupid I was when I started.  When I wanted to do something that I didn't know how to, I would go to the Google search and politely type in a sentence such as:  "Can you please tell me how to add a video to my blog?"  I honestly thought some genius sits around waiting for someone to ask a question and I was brought up to be polite.  Then I saw my kids in action and there sentence would be "video on blog".  They got the same answer.  So yes, make mistakes, be stupid, ask questions..... you live, you learn and as they say, the person asking the question is a fool for but one minute, the one who doesn't stays a fool all her life.

So do take the time to watch this video and then go ahead, have fun and CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG.


  1. Lol Hettie, I've just checked my original blog and I started in in 2006! Not that I have been particularly good at keeping it up to date.
    So here it is

    I agree with you though- the more of us South African quilters get known on the net the better.

  2. Ah Glenda, thanks for this and yes, we're actually just one big family being kept strangers due to our hormones (I suffer badly lately), so let's start blogs and get to know the REAL people behind the painted faces!!