Monday, February 11, 2013

Festival News - Alternative accommodation

The one thing that gets to me (with not having any sense of direction) is that whenever I need a place to stay, every place claims to be VERY NEAR the venue until you get there, need to carry your machine, equipment and purchases and only then you realize their idea of near differs extensively from yours.

So we thought we’d play open cards with those unable to find accommodation in the hostel, need a decent place to stay at and plan to travel by car.  With that I’d like you to check out HIDE PLACE LODGE.
Even though HIDE PLACE LODGE is not within walking distance from the venue it is extremely easy to get to the venue, close to shopping malls, restaurants, a hospital with a pharmacy, a petrol station and in a safe environment.

They even have a MAP of the surrounding area on their website and bookings can be done through them directly by clicking HERE.

Click HERE to take a virtual tour of their accommodation.

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