Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quilt exhibition by the Tolbosse, Bultfontein

This post is especially for those members who could not attend this lovely exhibition on Mariette Venter’s farm, Pentzplaas, just outside Bultfontein.  I just love going out to the farm with the massive terrace surrounding the house.  I get totally nostalgic about this remembering all the fun family gatherings we used to have on my grandparent’s terrace.  Nowadays houses are built so when you open your front door, you’re basically in the street!!

Now wouldn’t you too feel welcome, seeing this upon arrival?
On the one side of the house lovely treats were sold and as if this wasn’t good enough, the tea garden served cake, quiche and drinks to die for.  Now just watch tannie Magriet, ready to unbutton her blouse whenever she sees a camera!!
I almost found it hard to believe that one group could have this many quilts on display but then again, I always suspected they add something to their drink water.  How come we, in the city, don’t get to make this much?

A lovely new twist to any previous quilt exhibition was the life and very lively music organized for the day.  I don’t know how much she charged for the day but Tolbos ladies, she was worth every cent.  Thanks for this!

Mari also had her merchandise for sale and as only quilters can, we queued to get to the cutting table. Now I can't help wondering why we moan if we have to queue at the Post Office?
It appeared we only had one nasty incident or rather attendant, when a quilter named, Elize from Bothaville entered the shopping venue.  She threatened to tell our husbands how much we spent, complained about the queue, pushed in ahead of us all, basically just being very mean.  Just kidding, I didn’t know Elize before this and threatened to say nasty things about her if she doesn’t give me a pretty smile for the blog.  Good to meet you Elize!
Now as we all by now know, these things just don’t miraculously happen all by itself.  Somewhere behind the scenes a couple of people work extremely hard to make this possible.  Ladies, even though I just caught Pikkie on a photo, we want to thank each and every one of you for making this year’s exhibition memorable.  We do appreciate this outing to the peace and quiet of your valley.

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  1. It's great to see the quilts from the show - although we are on the other end of the country. More strength to your arm, Hettie!