Thursday, May 5, 2011

Choices, choices…………

Often when I visit a small town I think we, as city dwellers, miss out on the intimacy a small town has but the one thing I just love about the city is the choices we have.  You don’t have to buy what you want from the only supplier in town or you don’t have to go to the ONLY doctor in town and so forth and now on our blog we are giving you choices too.

Even though we still have very few of our ‘own people’ as FOLLOWERS (come on take a leap of faith and become a follower, just by following the instructions once you’ve clicked there), you now can follow us by adding your E-MAIL ADDRESS on the top right hand side of our blog and you will then be notified by e-mail of every new post that appears on our blog or you can add us as a FRIEND on FACEBOOK.

Just search for us as Oranje Quilters Guild and I’d love to add you as a FRIEND.  This way too you’ll see every new entry on our blog if you log onto your own Facebook account.

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