Sunday, September 4, 2011

PFAFF’S Block Lotto and funding for our 2013 festival

Did you watch the Springbucks departure to New Zealand on TV yesterday?  I did and was once again astonished about how sport can unite a country.  One player said, seeing the crowd, gave him goosebumps in his tummy..... I've never had this feeling but even I got butterflies in mine seeing the crowd out there to greet our boys.

Whether I'm impressed with our minister of sport's remark that the Bokke should go 'moer' and 'bliksem' them I honestly don't know.  I know we're all psyched but should words like these come from a member of cabinet or am I just putting up my Sunday face now? 

Anyway, good luck to each and every one of our rugby players and I'm rather convinced that the Webb Ellis trophy will return to us.

I have to start by reminding all readers that this is STRICTLY FOR OUR GUILD MEMBERS AND LOCAL PFAFF MACHINE OWNERS ONLY.

Here is this term’s block for PFAFF’s BLOCK LOTTO.  You have to make a block according to the rules, pay a small fee (towards the festival) and stand a chance to win all the blocks made – just like the national lottery, we just play it with blocks!!

Every term (in our newsletter and on our blog) PFAFF will give us the instructions to a new block. 
If you need a full size pattern, go down to PFAFF and buy a pattern for R5,00 – in some cases (such as this term’s block) however you will only need instructions and then you’ll pay for every completed block you enter.

If you only bought one pattern but made several blocks you’ll have to pay entry fee for every block you hand in.

You do need to use at least ONE PFAFF fabric in your block, so while there buy yourself a fat quarter if you cannot remember which of your stash was bought from PFAFF.

Complete your block/s and hand it back to PFAFF.  

The deadline for the term’s block is the DAY BEFORE (9 November 2011) our next quarterly meeting.  NO BLOCKS will be accepted at the meeting. Your name is then added to those who stand a chance to be the lucky winner.
The draw will be done during our next quarterly meeting.

This term you have to make a 10½" square Crazy Patch block in red and purple (remember your ONE PFAFF fabric)

Embroidery/decorations can be done by hand and or machine.  Now let's see how many of us can participate.  And just to let you know, I'm already done with one block - hand embroidery (with a stitch guide on my lap as I'm not too familiar with embroidery) and all!

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