Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Covering you thread spools

I’ve got this from one of my beginner quilters and done it quite some time ago and I was so pleased to realize that we as South Africans, often with limited quilting resources, can make another plan.

Here I am referring to an article on Kelly from I Have A Notion’s blog in which she wrote about a product called Hugo’s Amazing Tape which you can read HERE

In the past I’d get bitterly depressed knowing I won’t be able to find it locally but by using clear table cloth plastic you can achieve the same.

Simply cut strips, wrap it around your thread to keep the dust off, the ends in tact and prevent your thread from drying out while not in use.

Here my thread box can be seen with every spool that has been opened covered with a plastic strip and not a single unruly thread end in sight.

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