Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Patchwork Tote Pattern

I attended my niece’s daughter’s kitchen tea the other evening and my niece proudly displayed a quilted tote her daughter brought for her all the way from the USA.  Pretty, I do admit but it made me realize how fortunate we, as quilters, are for we can simply make ourselves as many totes/bags as we wish to have in all our favorite colors.

The even better part of this story is all the kind quilters out there putting these patterns on the internet for all of us for free.  After seeing my niece’s tote it really did not take me too long to find several free patterns on the internet but today I’d like to share this one from Animas Quilts with you.

Looks easy enough and I can only imagine my niece’s face when I have one and can proudly say “I made this myself one afternoon!”  Click HERE to get your free pattern to download.

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