Monday, April 18, 2011

Judging quilts for the Bloem Show

If you still planned to enter a quilt for the Bloem Show I'm sorry to say that you are TOO LATE.  The judging of these quilts took place on Friday, 15 April 2011 and although I still don't know who all the winners are I will have a special post with the winners and their quilts the moment I find out.

fltr:  Iessie Steenberg, Elsa Brits (judge), Frances van Schalkwyk (aspirant judge), Marianne le Roux (chairperson), Nelia Venter, Gerda Breytenbach
Few people realize just how much work goes into showing these quilts and I wish to thank all the people who worked so extremely hard to make this possible.  When the Bloem Show finally opens on 28 May 2011 we only see quilts neatly displayed in show cases not realizing this set-up meant someone worked hours on end to get it this way.

To show a part of the process I've placed more photos taken on judging day.  Quilts had to be unpacked, sorted in categories, each one judged, notes made, prizes awarded all the while taking care that the quilts stay clean and save.

Only then the quilts are to be displayed and locked up in the show cases.  More than 2 days of full work put in by these ladies and some had to take off from their day jobs to be able to do this.

Our guild also wish to thank Elsa Brits for coming down to Bloemfontein to judge our quilts in a professional manner.

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