Sunday, April 17, 2011

Iron board cover

Our ironing board is simply MUST HAVE for any quilter but how does yours look?  No need to answer me, I’ve been in the filth files myself.  You know that feeling.  A quilter arrives at your home, you talk about a quilt/technique and suddenly realize it would just be much easier to give a practical demo having to use that horrid ironing board you so hoped no-one would ever see or even know you have?

Worst of all is making a cover for this is really not such a big deal nor does it require you to be a brain surgeon as shown in this tutorial by The Stitchin’ Chicken HERE.

I even recall seeing a quilter who has joined several basic quilting blocks before covering her board and even though I apparently preferred to ban this ‘ever-so-neat’ person from my mind I do remember the huge impression it made on me when seeing it, still thinking “one day when I’m big, I’ll have one just like that too”.

I’ve obviously not grown BIG yet.

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