Thursday, April 5, 2012

Freshfordhouse Museum Exhibition 21 - 24 March 2012

Before we all take a break over Easter fellow quilter, Frances van der Walt, organizer of our annual National Quilt Day compiled this report of this special day.

There was a star involved in the organizing of the above event namely my little green car ('Citroentjie' as I like to call it).  Many trips were taken into town.

First I had to consult with Mimi Pretorius, the curator of the Museum.  Then off to the printer to get the free patterns printed.  A few days later, we drove into town again to buy gifts for the lucky draws.  On Monday, 20 March, we picked up all the quilts to be hung in the museum the following day.

On Saturday, 24 March, my little car outshined itself.  After clearing up all the quilts, we packed the car with 7 quilt frames, more or less 70 quilts, 4 plastic containers, 2 baskets and lastly my handbag - only the driver's seat was unoccupied.  Really, really overloaded.  Luckily for me and 'Citroentjie' there was no traffic cops on our way home otherwise a ticket was surely to be issued!

Our quilt show was a great success.  Thanks to all the members and their friends who attended the event on the Saturday morning.

According to Mimi, the curator, even during the week, there were lots of visitors.

It seems that Mari Strydom's little quilt was a great hit!  Thanks to her for designing and demonstrating it.  Ladies, remember the challenge for the third quarterly meeting is THIS quilt.  So please, don't waste time, start as soon as possible, we look forward to see all the 'Welkom' quilts!

Not only did the members enjoy the demonstrations, vendors and tea garden, the display of quilts was to die for!

The winning quilts of our 3 Master quilters were beautiful and inspired all of us to keep on quilting, even if we struggle or are unsure of what we are doing.

It is a pity that Riana Nel's miniature does not qualify her to be a Master quilter.  We all wonder how on earth she managed to work with such small hexagons!

Two of our Guilds' Masters attended the exhibition and on this photo Anne Strauss and Rina Schutte can be seen.  Jolena van Rooyen was out of town and sadly Helene Wolvaardt passed away in January 2012.

We were also reminded how precious life is by looking at the beautiful 'pink quilts'.

The Tolbos group from Bultfontein participated in this exhibition.  They are all skilled quilters and it was a delight to see their work.  Some of the members are part of this Guild since 1989.  Veterans!  Thanks ladies for sharing your work.  I'd especially like to thank Hantie Vorster for collecting and dropping off the quilts.

The Graffit quilt mady by Anne Strauss and her friends was one of my favorites.

It seems as if this quilt by Rina Bredenkamp was made for this bed.

More beautiful quilts from the Tolbos group....

There were quilts for everybody to enjoy.  Who does not know about Elsie van der Bijl's postcards?  Stunning little works of art!  If you really want to enjoy then you should not be in a hurry.  You have to take your time and look at (and read) each and every little card.  Such lovely and inspiring ideas.  I must warn you they are extremely addictive.  When you join a group and made your first card, you can't wait to see what you get in return and every month this cycle repeats itself.

Those of you who know Iessie Steenberg are aware that she is a very busy quilter but still has time to do an outreach in Botshabelo (neighboring township).  She is very proud of all the ladies and likes to share their work.  Looking at these photos of the work they do, she has every reason to be proud of them.

It was a lovely event and on behalf of all the quilters I'd like to thank Mimi Pretorius (curator) for having us.

And from all of us "Thank you Frances for organizing this day!"

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