Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quilt judging and sorting for the Bloem Show

As we all know the Bloem Show is about to start one of these days but as with any exhibition this doesn't happen without a couple of people working really hard to make this possible.

This year these ladies did their thing to make a neat display for all of us and the public possible.  Note the empty cupboards behind them?  These all need to be filled once the judging was done.

First the quilts were sorted into categories.  These went into the cupboards temporarily awaiting judgement. (Sounds serious doesn't it?)

Then judge Frances too a serious look at every single quilt while Marianne sits ready to write down the verdict.

Magda from the Bloem Show has the ribbons sorted and she is the lady that will guard the quilts with her life for the duration of the Show.

All the first prize quilts are kept aside for consideration for the trophies.

Now who would believe a Cheetah rugby player would take the time to come check out the quilts being judged.  Free States' Junior van Schalkwyk taking a look at how things are done by the opposite sex.

In the mean while all the quilts needed to find a place in the cupboards and here you can see Iessie and Elsa packing, hanging, checking for possible mistakes, rearranging and trying again until it all fits.

Grateful to be done for this year Iessie and Elsa can smile again.

Now I know you are all dying to see more but I will keep you in suspense a little longer and stop here.  This is just for all of us to see how much work went into a seemingly small exhibition.  Let's be grateful for our fellow quilters who stepped up when workers were needed and consider helping one year ourselves.  Ladies, we thank you for all your hard work.

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