Thursday, August 23, 2012

Third quarterly meeting - The challenge

At our National Quilt Day at the Freshfordhouse Museum on 24 March we all got a free 'Welcome' pattern designed by Mari Strydom and seeing that a demonstration on how to complete the quilt was given on the day, this was set as our challenge for the third term.

This is what Mari's example looked like.

I am glad to report that a couple of ladies took on this challenge and how interesting to see how a different color can almost totally change the look of the exact same pattern.  Here a couple of entries can be seen.

Again the attendees on the meeting could vote for their favorite and the winner of this term's challenge was none other than the winner of the second most votes for Show and Tell, Anina Louw SONJA GREYLING from Kimberley, with her version of this quilt. (My apologies for this terrible mistake Sonja!!)

So for the last term ladies the challenge is Scherenscnitte or then paper cutting but we won't be using paper but fabric.  I can't wait to see what will be on show!

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