Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Third quarterly meeting - Food and Vendors

We had our third meeting for this year on Thursday, 16 August 2012, and as always I'd like to thank the hosts for this meeting for making us feel welcome and handing out little gifts by the door.  Sonja, our treasurer, is always on her post making sure the correct monies come in, handing out receipts and still has time to smile and have a quick chit-chat.

This term we've been served with Chicken a la King, rice, salad and coffee/tea.  Thank you so much to all the ladies who did the cooking but gosh was it hard going home and pretend to be interested in making dinner for the family?!

Then what would a meeting be without our trusted vendors having travelled (some from very far), had to pack, unpack, sort and sell just to start all over again?  We thank you for your effort, willingness to attend our meetings and hard work.

This term we also had two new vendors, one being Lappieshuis, a local quilt shop and then visiting us for the first time the men from OLFA who had so much wisdom about their products to share.  Scissors that never need sharpening, blades that won't get blunt from cutting paper, too much to mention!?  To read all about their complete product list visit: www.olfa.com and get your local supplier to order you the right tool.

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