Saturday, May 7, 2011

Organizing tote bag tutorial

Having been away for the long weekend I met a new friend and one of the topics of discussion was ‘successful packing’.  You know that feeling when you know you’ve packed your nail file or hair conditioner at the last minute but simply cannot find it.  Okay I pack things at home, not even on the last minute, and still cannot find it.  We made plans to ‘invent’ the perfect tote/bag enabling us to find anything we want the first time.  Everything was a possibility – fabric covered ice cream tubs, cutlery drawer in a pillowcase, you name it, we thought of it.  However......... the men convinced us that no matter what we have, we will still be looking for things, so we kinda made peace with it but I that does not keep me from checking out every new possibility and when I saw this organizing bag on the 2 little hooligans blog  I thought it might solve many a packing problem.

Find the full tutorial by clicking HERE and why yes, I’d love one for my birthday, thanks!!

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