Saturday, February 12, 2011

First quarterly meeting of 2011 held in February

We started the NEW Year with many other NEW things.  First our NEW chairperson, Marianne le Roux, who went through her first meeting like a hot knife through butter.  Congratulations Marianne, we look forward to working with you.

We were then introduced to the NEW management (all the group leaders) and committee heads.  They claim to be the hard workers in the guild but we little guys down under know the truth, they dish out orders and we get to work.  Just kidding!!! We will assist you when and where-ever possible.
Gersha started the meeting with a lovely message about our guild being an organism and not an organization as an organism is alive and that is just what we have to be in order to plan our 2013 festival successfully.

We had heaps of eye candy in the form of quilts to inspire us this early in
the New Year.

Then just before we attacked the food table, Linda Landman, made us all do some stretching and exercise – a new logo?...... quilt and become fit?

The meeting was concluded with a nice cuppa and all these delicious snacks.  Makes one look forward to the next meeting.

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