Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mc Call's free e-books

I spoke to the coordinator (Iessie Steenberg) of our 2013 National Quilt Festival one day and she thanked me for keeping up the blog. I confessed that I mark so many links in every possible location; my PC, laptop, cell phone, i Pad, spiral notebook and half the time when I search for something to write about I can't help wondering "haven't I written about this before?"  Mostly stressed for time I just don't have the luxury of going back to check whether I am repeating something.

So she gave me some advice and said I should not even worry about a duplication at all, instead I should challenge our readers to see if they could find the double entry.  So there, a huge weight off my shoulders and sorry, you're not winning a prize should you find it.

This however turns out to be one of those "have I or haven't I?" posts.

Mc Calls quilting offers no less than 5 free e-books with some of their patterns.  So if you haven't already downloaded these, do so now by clicking HERE.

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