Thursday, March 3, 2011

Murphy's Laws for Quilters by Judy Grow

On any given day the number of employees in a
quilt shop is inversely proportional to the
number of customers needing quick attention.

Every quilt will take twice as long as you
expect and be ½ as beautiful (we are never satisfied).

There are only 2 kinds of masking tape:
that which won't stay on and that which won't come off.

In cutting an intricate multi-piece block,
your ruler will slip on the last side of the last patch.

When there is no time to do something right,
there will always be time to do it over.

The value of any piece of fabric is directly
proportional to the speed and ease with which you will ruin it.

In any mail-order shipment the item you
need the most will be back-ordered.

The pattern in a special fabric will
never repeat when or where you want it to.

Accidental destruction of a fabric will only occur to
an expensive imported cotton, never to muslin bought at 50% off.

Fabric dyes will never run until the quilt has been completed.

A block with flawlessly straight sides, precision
corners and perfect color placement will always be the wrong size.

A quilt that has to be completed for a birthday
in two months will take two years to finish.

And its corollary: A quilt that has no due date will take
only two months to complete.

When you finally have your sewing space in the empty bedroom exactly the way
you want it your son will move back home.

You will find the perfect fabric for your quilt
only after it has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

A quilt judge will give you a bad critique
only when the area is full of other people..

That same quilt judge will give praise only
when no one else is around.

The busier you are on any given day the
greater the number of quilting inspirations
you will want to try.

Your quilting thread will break at the needle
only when the last stitch has been taken in the line .

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