Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First fundraising project for our 2013 festival

Our very first fundraising project for the 2013 National Festival was a huge success and raised the awesome amount of R6,440.00 and we have to thank Cristelle Myburgh for this.

Cristelle is a member of the Loslappies group, on our festival committee in charge of Fundraising and Hospitality, and started quilting in 2010. She owns a deboning company in Bloemfontein and when she heard about our quests for fundraisings projects she came forward and DONATED a beef carcass and offered to have the meat processed into mince and sausage for our members to buy.

Orders were taken and the meat delivered at our first quarterly guild meeting.  Cristelle we raise our glasses (not those on our eyes – those we intend to use when being transported in a taxi in Stellenbosch at our National Quilt Festival) to you and do not have enough words to thank you for this generous donation.

To all the members who ordered the meat – without you Cristelle’s hands would have been tied.  Keep up the positive attitude and let’s support all future projects in the same spirit.

Remember our National Quilt Day exhibition, tea garden and demonstrations are coming up THIS Saturday (12 March 2011).  Have you bought your ticket from your group leader yet?

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