Friday, March 4, 2011

And the wheels have started turning….

Most of us are looking forward to our National Festival in Stellenbosch from 1 to 7 July this year and so it should be.  These people have worked extremely hard to make such a memorable event possible for us.

However……. In 2013 our guild has to return the favor and invite all the quilters over to the Free State and make them feel just as welcome in Bloemfontein and this morning with my little camera in tow I got to witness the first full blown meeting of our own festival committee.  With such a competent coordinator as Iessie Steenberg and the other portfolio holders seeming to have their responsibilities under control, I foresee no problems whatsoever.  

Furthermore we received many offers of help from people having previously being involved in organizing festivals that we’ll have to REALLY screw it up, to get it wrong.

So as fellow guild members all we, not on the festival committee, has to do is the support our leaders in their requests for help /funds and respect another’s enthusiasm even if her idea is not really what you had in mind.

We know we have quilters out there, not currently belonging to our guild, but with organizational skills one can write books about.  We need you to jump aboard too.  Please offer your help where you know you can contribute. 

A complete list of the portfolio holders is available on the tab at the top (2013 Festival news…… ) or by clicking HERE

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