Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I’d like to tell you about Gene Black an Alabama artist

Don’t you just love it when people give you compliments or tell you how clever you are?  O come on, be real, we all do and yip, that includes me.

So today I have a confession to make.......... duh, don’t you just hate these?  Even though I am praised about my blogging skills and yes I did soak it all up - so don’t stop now just because I’m about to confess but I have a couple of clever helpers.

Two of these helpers I made myself – they are called children.  Unfortunately anyone who has also these will tell you they are not always as eager to help dear old mom as they would if it was a girlfriend or boyfriend, so I had to find another secret weapon.

So on one of my daily blog surfing sessions I came across the name Gene Black, not much later or another quilting blogger spoke about the, then still mysterious Gene Black and how he helped her with a issue on her blog and before long after reading more and more quilters with blogs ranting and raving about Gene Black, I just had to check this guy out.  So what...... I’m married but hubby doesn’t read quilting blogs now does he?
After a click of or 2 I found the much spoken about GENE BLACK and in his own words (I copied these from his blog) let me introduce you to him:

I am American Indian (Cherokee that I am sure of -possibly other) and Irish (with a few other bits thrown in for good measure) I paint therefore I am. I create, therefore I am. Both my grandmothers were quilters; I grew up playing under a quilting frame that was hung from the rafters on the front porch. From that I developed a sense of abstract AND a history with quilting. Life is like a patchwork quilt. You can make yours bright bold and exciting or you can try to copy your neighbor's pattern. I like to think of mine as a patch of wild flowers with every color and shape I can add.

So why do I make such a fuzz about Gene?  When our guild asked me to write this blog I jumped at the opportunity as one REALLY does not need any skills to write a blog (first confession) – it is simply a diary on the computer being published on the world-wide-web and you don’t even have to know how all of this works (confession number 2 – I don’t have the foggiest, honestly), you simply click on PUBLISH and wha-la all done.

However I wanted more than just a post in the centre.  I wanted other pages with more permanent information and who did I contact to hear how it is done? (final confession and enough is enough!!) Yes, the one and only Gene Black and if you’d like to read more about this versatile person – male, good looking, quilter, master in blog land, artist etc, etc, etc go visit his blog by clicking HERE. 

I’m not done yet, from time to time I’ll share tutorials by Gene from his blog with you, so watch this space if you haven’t already found it on Gene’s blog yourself.

Now that was fun – going on about another man in public (the confession part wasn't fun though) - and not getting in trouble at home.  Thanks Gene I would not have been able to do this without you.

Be good, as I would.


  1. Thanks Hettie, it was a pleasure.

  2. Ah....yes....Gene Black. He is a creative, talented person (paints beautifully, makes nice jewelry, is very musical, excellent at sewing, and very good with the technical computer stuff). AND...you will be envious to know that I have had the honor of meeting him in person. I can't begin to tell you what a nice person he is! I'm glad you featured him here.

  3. Pat thanks for making us jealous by telling us you met him in person - lucky fish!!! But I don't think you need to all that modest - have I not read plenty about YOU on Gene's blog as well? Well now we're proud as we have 2 GREATS commenting on our posts. Much appreciated!!

  4. Gene is a wonderful person. There are lots of wonderful and tallented men quilters so I say lets not limit ourselves to ladies only, right?

    I can't even begin to tell you the number of times Gene has come to my aid....he is an excellent example of a great blogger...friendly, honest, caring and it doesn't hurt that he is talented too.