Monday, March 14, 2011

National Quilt Day – The final part

Doing handwork, chatting and drinking tea was not all we did.  We also had a couple of exhibitions apart from the quilts inside the house on display.

Here the Material Girls man their table and these gals do it all.  Knit, crochet, teach the less fortunate, make the most divine bags (I would be lost without the quilt carry bag I bought from them) and their specialty, Shwe-Shwe quilts.

More vendor tables everything from single fat quarters, pre-packed Mulberry Lane sets and very pretty hand embroidery thread.  Linda Landman (purple top) , a very busy bee, in our guild, refused to show some cleavage for this photo.  Knowing that she does not work on the internet or even read or send a SMS allows me to gossip as much as I wanted to about her on this blog.  You’re not splitting on me okay?

Finally we had some demonstrations and even more lucky draws.  Here Iessie Steenberg demonstrates a handwork project from designing your own template in the size you prefer up and to completing your quilt.

Then little old me took the hot seat proving to people that free motion quilting is nothing to be afraid of.  If I, with my 2 brain cells (one says smoke, the other one says eat more toffees) can do it, so can anyone else owning a machine.

Our final demonstration on Scrapbooking with fabric came from Elsie van der Bijl.  This lady sure does know how to play and make beautiful heirlooms choosing the most appropriate fabric to the theme and then jazzing it up with tiny trinkets.  Her son, married to a lady from the USA and now also living there, is about to receive what will come from this demonstration.

As if we weren’t spoilt enough on this day, each demonstrator got a neat “thank you” gift and for this I wish to thank the organizers of this special day.  What a great success it turned out to be!!

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