Sunday, March 13, 2011

National Quilt Day – Part Two

…………what a match! 

Fortunately we only had one injury on our National Quilt Day but looking at this picture and if this is the way she sits on a chair I am sure you can imagine how she came down the stairs.  Unfortunately I was not close-by with my trusted old camera to capture this rare moment.  Karin, my co-producer, of this blog making sure I cannot miss her when taking this photo.  Speaking of co-producer I wonder when her first blog post will appear?????

The other ladies behaved like good quilters should and while sipping their tea did some handwork.

We had several lucky draws and here Iessie Steenberg gives our chairperson, Marianne le Roux,  the chance to draw a lucky number.

We were continually served with coffee/tea and I had a hard time getting these waitresses to be still for a moment to allow me to take a photo.  How lovely it was to be seated and served.

Still this was not all but more about our National Quilt Day tomorrow.

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